Mechanical design and 3D-modelling

From an idea to a product.

Let`s look together at your product idea. We can quickly produce preliminary 3D -modelling. Product development to a 3D-assembly can be done cost effetically and ready for manifacturing with best possible manifacturing methods in Finland or abroad. Mechanical design project is usually done with a industrial designer, so the product can be made desirable and different from the competition. Mechanical design also includes techical simulations if needed, or if customer wants to make sure that the product is durable or the product is made as light as possible. Mechanical design project normally includes all the project partners from the beginning, so the manifacturability, ease of assembly and cost effective configuration can be chosen from the beginning.

We have tens of years of combined experiense designing different kinds of products. Our references include among others consumer products, different kinds od mechanical devices, tools like injection molds, tools for manifacturing and assembly jigs. Our designers are experienced users of Solidworks, I-deas, CATIA, Creo (Pro/engineer), Inventor, AutoCAD and Fusion360. We also have used different kinds of PDM-systems like Windchill, Smarteam and CissBase. Our own PDM-system is also Backed up in a Cloud-enviroment.

Designprojects can be made using our own set of designing tools. We can also rent the recources to work in your facilities for a agreed time. Projects are then paid with a single pricetag or with a hour-based billing.

We can design your product on our own in our offices or take part in your project in your facilities. We have up-to-date tools and software for mechanical design and PDM, so the lead-time of a design process is as fast as possible.

2D -drawings, intructions of assembly and technical documenting

Mechanical design allows us to make good instructions for assembly and documents for manifacturing can be made easily. Good set of intructions make manifacturing easier and cheaper and also lessen the need for additional chance of information.

– Instructions for assembly in video-format for manifacturing workers or end users.
– Printable set of instructions complete with pictures

Design for manifacturability

By developing manifacturing methods great savings in manifacturing can be made. For example with well-designed assembly-jigs assembling is made easier and faster.

We work in close collaboration with our customers and also manifacturers and partners. This is visible especially when we take part in meetings about tooling, with quality control together with manifacturers and with open mindset when discussing with different sides of projects.

We are familiar with quality-control of small- and large batches of manifactured parts, where controlling the tolerances is especially inportant. Our customers can rely on getting a good end-result . The end-product of a well-done mechanical design is a great product manifactured in a cost-effective way suitable for wanted manifacturing-volume.