3D printing and rapid prototyping

We offer rapid prototyping in-the-house with our own equipment. At the moment we have two machines installed: Vertex Velleman K8400 FDM Formlabs Form 2 SLA-printers.
When aquiring this equipment we took the quality of the end product as our main consern. Especially with SLA the accuracy and surface finish are at its own class.
For our customers the sky is the limit. Better accuracy means printing of highly complex models and it is even possible to print functional mechanics with one go.
Also with SLA-technology we are able to produce clear or paintable pieces, and imitate properties of ABS or PP plastics. By this the rapid prototype is even closer to the final product and time of product development can be drastically reduced.
Single pieces can be acquired even for the next day. We also produce small prototype batches with our partners using Vacuum molding and CNC.